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The premier Salsa School, 
right in the heart of

Kuala Lumpur!

Since breaking into the scene in 2000, Ritmo Latino Dance School has been the talk of the town whenever Salsa is mentioned, due to our unique syllabus based in L.A. (Los Angeles) & Cuban style Salsa by the only authentic Latin American instructor and pioneer of Salsa in Malaysia with more than 25 years of teaching experience and most importantly when it comes to learning to dance Salsa by a real professional in a happier and healthier environment.
Although our courses are perfectly structured; our instructors know that people come for dance classes for different reasons: either to learn to dance, meet people, de-stress, or exercise. Because of that, we include a dose of fun in our classes for a better learning experience so that everyone feels right at home. Not just mere students, but part of a steadily increasing SALSA FAMILY that you can call your own too! 
We also offer other regular courses like Bachata, Ladies Styling & Spinning, Rueda & Belly Dance and we do conduct different workshops to teach more patterns and styling for those who want to enhance their social Latin dancing.  


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