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RITMO LATINO Dance School first open its Salsa classes in the year 2000 at Havana Changkat which was previously called "Little Havana". We use to have classes there almost every evening and since the number of students started growing we started our Salsa Night on Fridays. It was quite popular back then as it was probably the only place to Salsa since “El NIÑO” (the Latin club at that time) was closing down. After a couple of years, Little Havana was sold. Then we moved to Latinos at the old KL Hilton; it was a great Latin club with a full Latin band where our students could dance after classes with live music. It was perfect but unfortunately, this place also close down. So we decided to open our own place to avoid our students the inconvenience of moving from one place to another. This is how RITMO LATINO Dance School open its first studio in 1994 at Wisma Cosway, Jalan Raja Chulan, till today.

Our classes are normally in the evening during weekdays and in the afternoon on Saturdays, Sundays we are closed. We do however Private classes and corporate classes at any time during the day but it have to be scheduled with time, so it won’t be showing in our monthly schedule. Our studio is also open for rent for teachers and dancers.

We specialize in Salsa on 1, LA (Los Angeles), Cuban/Casino style, and South American. We also have Bachata, Ladies' Styling, and Merengue courses, workshops, and Private classes. And for those looking for Latin dance performances, we also have our very own dance group “The Ritmonians”.

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