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We specialized in Salsa. Our syllabus has been painstakingly planned to offer SALSA L.A. (Los Angeles), Cuban, and South American styles all in one, so you can get everything in one go. Our instructors are friendly and patient because they understand that it is not ONLY about learning to dance for some. That's why we like to create a bond with our students - because we do not only want you to dance with us; we want you to be part of the SALSA family, and to enjoy learning to dance! 

We also offer regular Bachata, as well as workshops to enhance our students' dancing techniques and enhance the variety of turns.

For those with no time to attend classes, we have private classes and Bootcamps to learn faster. As well as choreography and training services for your birthday and wedding functions! 





These are technical workshop specially design for those learning Salsa.

There workshops are for those already dancing who wish to learn more. 

Specially design for beginners who have no time for weekday courses. 

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