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Once upon the time...


Our main instructor Pat Calzadilla came to this land from a far away South American country, Venezuela. That was back in 1994 and there was not much Salsa in Malaysia then but Micky Diez (Colombia) & Ludvys Lochhead (Venezuela) were teaching the back step (Cumbia style) in the only Salsa night there was organized by Oscar Lezama (Colombia) at Tin Mine, old KL Hilton. It was just for fun but there were serious about having fun and spreading the Latin culture as much as they could.

Pat came and started performing with Fasilito which was at that time Micky student. There were only Latin ballroom school so people started requesting for them to teach and so Pat and Fasilito thought it will be a good idea to open the first Salsa dance school in Malaysia, and so they look for a thrid partner and they open Havana Estudio with Sharie. After a few years Pat and Fasilito move on to open their own studios, till the present time.

Since the opening of RITMO LATINO Dance School back in year 2000; Pat Calzadilla has trained a big porcentage of dancers in KL Salsa scene as well as good performers and even instructors who are now teaching on their own. 

We are one of the pionners of Salsa in Malaysia, teaching, performing, organizing events and doing whatever it takes to continue spreading the Latin culture to all our students and friends!


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